Our Paste the Wall Lining Paper is a high quality 1000 grade lining paper, made by market leaders Erfurt Mav. On first glance it looks just like any other lining paper that you�d use on your walls and ceilings, but what makes this product special is that rather than pasting the paper, it has been specifically developed to paste the wall but if you really want to use the traditional method of pasting the paper you can. The Paste the Wall method makes hanging Lining Paper a much faster and easier process. In addition, there is no need to soak the lining paper. Just cut to the required lengths, paste your prepared wall or ceiling liberally using one of our recommended adhesives and glide the lining paper into place. What could be simpler? Make your walls and ceilings beautifully smooth and ready for painting or a secondary wallpaper, in no time at all.

Paste The Wall Lining PTW1000S

  • 53cm x 10m