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  • Getting to know the owner of Drew Decor Store

    We spoke to Suzanne Drew, owner and founder of Drew Decor Store, about her love of all things interior styling related and why she decided to create a luxury interiors store right here in Sheffield. Suzanne, When did your interest in interior styling begin? In my early twenties, when I started visiting London quite often to visit my Cousin who had her own boutique clothes shop on New Kings Road. I would meet her there and she would take me to all the interior shops along that road and there was one shop in particular that I loved, called India Jane. It was set over two floors and it was packed with inspiration. I’d say that store planted the seed and the more I visited London the more I wanted my own interiors shop. Why did you decide to open Drew Decor Store? Having a passion and interest in interiors and fashion meant it made sense for me to open the shop I had dreamt about from my early twenties. My husband has his own painting and decorating business, and I could see customers travelling all the way to London to find the products they wanted. We live in such a great city and I could see that it was time we had our own luxury interiors presence, making good design much more accessible to Sheffield and the surrounding areas. I know our customers really appreciate that. Where do you like to start when you begin a new scheme for a customer? I like to choose the wallpaper first as this forms the backdrop to the room and sets the tone for the rest of the scheme. People often choose their paint first because it feels like the biggest job or most pressing one. But if you choose your wallpaper or statement pieces first, you can then be very exact with paint colour selection. This careful colour work will really make a room sing. We do a lot of colour consultancy with clients and the results are spectacular. Do you have any top tips for decorating? Get a professional to do it if you can. And decorate your home in a style appropriate for your property. You can mix traditional with contemporary if it's done correctly, again we help a lot of our customers with this. Getting that mix of old and new in the right measure makes a huge difference. How would you describe Drew Decor Store to someone from another planet? A fabulous boutique interiors shop that houses some of the best brands in the world! More personally, if you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be and why? I’d be a pine tree! The pine tree is the peacemaker, loving agreeable company and helping others. I love peace and harmony and I have an active imagination. I think in the design schemes I work on I like to create that peace and harmony for my clients whilst also giving the space an imaginative edge. If you could choose one song to play every time you walked into a room for the rest of your life, what song would you choose and why? Tough one this, but I would go for Better the Devil you Know by Kylie Minogue as I was a big Kylie fan growing up and this song always put me in a good mood. I would play it getting ready before a night out with the girls. Drew Decor Store is a small family run business with big dreams. We would love you to pop in and see our fabulous collections. We are at 910 Ecclesall Road, S11 8TR and we are open six days a week - Monday to Saturday. Beautiful is what we do best.

  • Historic Royal Palaces – Great Masters by Cole & Son

    I am so excited to be able to share with you the latest collection by Cole & Son who pay homage to the master artisans, craftsmen and celebrated monarchs who shaped the six iconic royal residences which are now cared for by Historic Royal Palaces. I have selected just a few of my personal favourites from this exquisite collection and talk you through each design and why it's one of my favourites. Verdure Tapestry Taken from the Flemish tradition of vast tapestry-weaving, Verdure Tapestry is inspired by a 17th century work which is currently displayed within the King’s Presence Chamber of Kensington Palace. Its verdant, pictorial scene pays homage to the richly woven, intricate tapestries that were known as 'the mobile frescoes of the North'. These impressive pieces of woven art were a canvas for master weavers’ imaginations, each landscape lavish in fanciful trees and foliage, without the traditional perspective constraints of figurative or narrative tapestries. Translated here by Cole & Son into a sumptuous panel scene, Verdure Tapestry is full of life with its abundance of rich flora and fauna. What's not to love about this show stopper, it has alot to offer from it's opulent colours to being a talking point amongst your family and friends. I can't see me ever getting bored of this design, and it will be on display inside my shop in Sheffield. Verrio Sky Combining both elements of Verrio Mirror’s trompe l’oeil pillars and arches, with Fresco Sky’s ethereal skyscape, Verrio Sky is a decadent fresco-style design showing the breadth of its inspiration’s talent. The design house creative team of Cole & Son studied the soft light and architectural precision of Antonio Verrio’s masterful hand to produce this striking design. This design will also feature inside my shop as it's sky effect background offers a sense of calm and tranquility . This would look great maybe in a Drawing room or if you have an office at home. Court Embroidery Delicately hand-painted to emulate silken hand stitches, Court Embroidery is inspired by an early 19th century waistcoat from the Royal Ceremonial Dress Collection. This courtier’s garment is a beautiful example of a time when gentlemen’s clothing was as fine, if not more elaborate, than those of a lady. Court dress was a signifier of opulence, wealth and position. Trimmings, embellishment and embroidery were often employed to provide a dazzlingly rich effect, with exquisite needlework and sumptuous fabric admired by both male and female members of court. This would look amazing in a few places like in a hallway as pictured above or a bedroom or even a downstairs toilet. King's Argent The grand baroque-style extension of Hampton Court Palace was commissioned by William III and Mary II towards the end of the 17th century to rival the great palaces of Europe. Opulence was at the heart of baroque design, with mirrors being a great luxury and a symbol of extreme wealth. King’s Argent is a reflection of this extravagant addition to the palace, a detailed series of silvered mirrored tiles covered in shadowy leaves and flower heads, its delicate etchings adding to the stately grandeur of Hampton Court’s ceremonial rooms. For me, this is for those of you that like to add a bit of glam to your home, and why not! If you would like to order a free sample of any of the designs above please visit my online store.

  • How to choose wallpaper

    If you have been shopping for wallpaper lately you will know that the choice can be a little overwhelming with so many styles available. Today’s article aims to help you narrow down the options in four manageable steps. Step One Think first about the category or categories you prefer: (ideally choose two categories for comparison) Linework gentle  – soft and elegant – for example, Sanderson’s Elysian collection. Linework quirky - wow factor with a bit of edge – for example Emma Shipley’s Wilderie, Cole and Son’s Ardmore or Jean Paul Gaultier’s Pop Rock Collection. Geometric bold – stylish and refined – for example Cole and Son’s Contemporary Collection (Feather Fan) Geometric soft – stylish and subtle – for example Cole and Son’s Icon collection (Petite Tile). Textured soft - sensual and imaginative – for example Effinger’s Skins. Textured metallic – Atmospheric and moody – for example Today Interior’s Shiraz Collection. Painterly - light hearted, expressive, almost playful – for example Harlequin’s Zapara. Classic – Stately and timeless while making a statement – for example Sanderson’s Woodlands Walk or Chiswick Grove. Step Two If patterned, then decide on the size of the pattern, large scale, small scale or something in between. There’s no wrong or right here, it’s personal taste. Step Three Now that you have narrowed your selection, choose your colour. When you are looking at colours, think about both the background colour and the accent colours within the paper. These will also give you great leads for choosing paint colours. Step Four Order your free A4 wallpaper samples from Drew Décor Store. Stick them on the wall and look at them in different lighting conditions and at different times of day and night. And so, to summarise the steps: 1. Choose the type of pattern 2. Choose the scale or size of the pattern 3. Choose colour 4. Order your free A4 samples and live with them on your wall in different lighting conditions Need some help? Come and visit us at Drew Décor Store, 910 Ecclesall Road, Sheffield where you will be offered the finest customer service along with more than a little inspiration and specialist advice. We are operating in a COVID secure manner with only one household in the main showroom at a time, or if you are shielding, call us on 01142 169252 for advice by phone – we can post samples out to you. Discover our huge range of luxury wallpapers, curtains, blinds, upholstery and paints in all the latest trends right here on your doorstep in beautiful Sheffield. Opening Times: Monday 10am – 4pm Tuesday 10am – 4pm Wednesday CLOSED Thursday 10am – 4pm Friday 10am – 4pm Saturday 9.30 – 2pm Sunday CLOSED

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  • Drew Decor Store | Fabric, Wallpaper & Paint in Sheffield | Home

    Welcome to Drew Decor Store We are more than your ordinary wallpaper, paint and fabric store in Sheffield. Please take a look around and get in touch if you need more information. More info Fabric We have hundreds of curtain and upholstery fabrics from some of the very best brands in the UK. So please call into our shop, sit down, relax and let us guide you through your choices. More on Fabric Wallpaper Whether it’s a feature or an entire home, we can help you find something extra special, ultra-modern, classical, subtle or bold. We can help you find the perfect wallpaper for your home. More on Wallpaper Paint Selecting the right paint used to be difficult. There is just so much choice. But with our intuitive approach we can guide you to the ideal paint choice by the very best manufacturer. More on Paint But why choose us? Why choose a small, independent, family run home interiors shop, over one of the bigger more established and powerful names on the high street or internet? We think it’s simple. We want to build a relationship with our customers. If you need advice we want to help – for free. And if you want to call into the shop and chat with us about the latest trends, latest brands and exciting interior developments we’d love that. Shop Wallpapers Small name. Big service. We have no desire to be the biggest name in interiors. We don’t want our customers to become faceless order numbers. We just want to be the very best at what we do and we want to go about it in a very personal and friendly way and we’re working hard to make that dream come true. If you have dreams of an amazing home with amazing decor then let’s work together to make that happen. Get in touch Interior Obsession We’re completely obsessed by home interiors and helping people realise their home interior dreams and we’re incredibly proud to be able to offer some of the country’s very finest interior design brands from Cole & Son, Sanderson, Morris & Co, Harlequin and Zoffany, through to Anaglypta, Anthology, Clarke & Clarke, Arte, Omexco and many more. Plus we're always on the look out for more new and exciting brands. About us Interior Design & Styling Here at Drew Decor Store, we can help you design your interior. We help clients decide on a style, choose a colour scheme, purchase furniture or fabric, and accessorize the space perfectly. We’re often asked to help advise on a space that needs to be updated or redesigned and this is something we love to be able to help with. Learn more Need a high quality decorator? We can help. Drew Decor Store also offer a first class decorating service using the vast experience and skill of the Drew Decor painting and decorating team, who have developed an outstanding reputation in the Sheffield area. So if you're finding it difficult to find a painter and decorator you can trust to do an outstanding job, we can help. Find out more Above & Beyond Service home decor shop sheffield Opulent surroundings. Luxury feel from the moment you walk in. home decor shop sheffield Tailored Service. Delivery at a time to suit you. home decor shop sheffield Excellent customer care. A variety of drinks on offer (tea/coffee/bottled water/wine). home decor shop sheffield Ease of choice. Wallpaper samples organised into colour schemes. home decor shop sheffield Excellent customer service. Willing to go the extra mile to meet the needs of the customer. home decor shop sheffield Professional decorating service. Our team can apply your wallpaper and/or paint if required. home decor shop sheffield Unrivalled flexibility. Offering appointments for exclusivity of the shop outside of shop hours. home decor shop sheffield Great choice. Brands include Cole & Son, Zoffany, Sanderson, Harlequin, Morris & Co, Anthology & Anaglypta. Real Reviews. Real People. Google Reviews Facebook Reviews home decor shop sheffield Tracy Thornhill decorating shop sheffield This shop is to die for. Not only is it stunningly beautiful, but I felt like a child in a sweet shop looking at the large collection of the most beautiful wallpapers I have ever seen. Suzanne has a good knowledge of the designs and designers she stocks and is so warm and helpful. You really do get excellent customer service when you visit, it's not like going to any decorating shop, it's like being invited into someones home. She makes a decent brew too. home decor shop sheffield Nicola Elliott decorating shop sheffield Called into Drew Decor Store to choose a wallpaper for our lounge. Great friendly service. A coffee whilst choosing wallpaper! Suzanne was very helpful in steering us in the right direction looking through the books and then choosing the right paint colour to go with it. The work has now been completed by Richard and the team. We are really pleased with all aspects of the work, immaculate finish, clean, tidy, friendly and very professional. Wouldn't hesitate in recommending Drew Decor Store and Drew Decor Painters and Decorators. First class job! home decor shop sheffield Lisa Middleton decorating shop sheffield Popped into Drew Decor today and got some paint and wallpaper. Was a retail experience as opposed to just shopping. The owner sat down with me and a glass of wine to go through what I wanted to achieve and then helped me select what was required. Pricing was very reasonable and overall the satisfaction rating was 10/10. A local shop owned by local people with great knowledge I will definitely be making this my go to decor shop. Latest blog posts Suzanne Drew May 20 3 min Getting to know the owner of Drew Decor Store 57 Write a comment 1 Suzanne Drew Dec 14, 2020 3 min Historic Royal Palaces – Great Masters by Cole & Son 27 Write a comment Suzanne Drew Dec 8, 2020 2 min How to choose wallpaper 52 Write a comment Suzanne Drew Aug 7, 2020 1 min Sweet Dreams - A Beautiful Bedroom 70 Write a comment 2 Suzanne Drew Jul 11, 2020 2 min Drew Décor Store answers your questions about decorating teenage bedrooms 31 Write a comment Suzanne Drew Jun 20, 2020 2 min Complementary colours and why opposites attract 116 Write a comment Why not visit our store? home decor shop sheffield

  • Drew Decor Store | Fabric, Wallpaper & Paint Sheffield | Interior Design

    Interior Design & Styling There are several wonderful interior designers in Sheffield who are paid to deliver their interior design expertise. Many of them use our products and visit our store. But often, the expertise provided by a qualified interior designer in Sheffield falls outside of the financial boundaries set by most people, and increasingly people are searching for an alternative, but viable and reputable interior design service. More of an interior styling and guidance service that covers many of the areas offered by an interior designer, but at a fraction of the cost. This is where we can help. Get in touch today to learn more about our interior design and styling service. Contact us Interior Design Services Translating a brief We translate a client brief into a vision and interior design for the client. We often get clients who already have an idea of what they want to create. So, we discuss the particular styles they like, what colours they like, what the room is used for, what atmosphere they want to create. It’s case of bringing this to life by knowing what styles and colours to show our clients to save them time in having to trawl through hundreds of books. Mood boards We can create mood, material and or samples boards to express ideas and get the approval of finishes and fabrics from clients. This is similar to translating a client brief, but often more visual and more tactile. We use our resources and contacts to source sampling on fabrics and wallpapers to show our customers what can be achieved. Interior design advice We can advise on interior styles, fashions, trends, decor, accessories, and furniture. We are always up to date with the latest trends, and we often visit the Design Centre in London which houses 120 showrooms and over 600 of the world’s most prestigious luxury brands. The largest of its kind in Europe. Decorating service Drew Decor Store can provide a high-quality decorating service. Drew Decor Painters and Decorators in Sheffield are a team specialising in high class, high quality workmanship and an unrivalled attention to detail. From providing a free decorating quotation, through to cleaning and tidying your freshly decorated home, they strive to consistently deliver the very finest decorating service in Sheffield and the surrounding areas. Furniture revamping We can re-upholster your existing pieces of furniture. Clients get excited when they know they don’t have to throw out their beloved chair. They can choose from a huge variety of fabrics that we have in store and bring their beloved furniture back to life. Curtains and blinds We offer a highly personalised and professional made to measure curtains & blinds service. From our initial consultation through to the fitting, we’ll guide you through suitable styles and fabrics for your made to measure curtains or blinds. Each property, room, window and fitting is different, so we can advise you and suggest the best window dressings for your particular needs. Interior Design Pricing Site visit for measure only I will visit your home to measure for curtains & blinds and advise on the most suitable poles or tracks and provide a quote. This service is charged at £40.00 which will be deducted from your bill if you accept the quote and pay 60% deposit, the balance will then be due shortly before installation. Translating a brief If you already have a good idea of the style you’re trying to achieve for your home, and just need a little help bringing your ideas together, we can help by showing you different samples in store and making suggestions. If you don’t have time to call in to our store, then we can post samples out to you. This service is free. Interior styling Our interior styling service involves further in-depth discussions with you. One of our design team will visit your property to gather photos and additional information before putting together mood boards. This service is charged at £100 per room for up to 2 rooms and £50 per room for additional rooms subsequently. This can include anything from new wallpapers and fabrics, reupholstered chairs, new poles, new lighting, and a free quote for decorating services by our decorating team, Drew Decor. All quotes are valid for 2 months. Hassle Free Curtains and Blinds Our simple made to measure curtains & blinds service is hassle-free, and our designers promise to.... Visit your home at a time that suits you. Gain an understanding of your style preferences and colour schemes (or provide advice). Measure your windows for a variety of options. Advise you on heading styles and most suitable curtain linings (cotton lining, blackout lining or interlining). Show you suitable fabrics (we have 100’s, so we advise visiting our store). Explain the different options for fitting and hanging. Provide a detailed and thorough quotation. Advise you on what the next steps and timescales will be. Please note: A 60% deposit is required should you wish to proceed.

  • Drew Decor Store | Fabric, Wallpaper & Paint Sheffield | Fabric

    Made to measure service We offer a service of made to measure curtains and blinds where we will visit your property to measure and quote and can advise the best curtain and blind solutions for any window. We can also re-upholster your furniture bringing it back to life by carefully selecting one of our quality fabrics. Get a quote True passion for fabric We are just as passionate about fabric as we are wallpaper which is evident from the collections we have carefully selected in store. Here are just a few of the amazing brands we’re able to offer. Their vast portfolio of wallpaper is now available in a range of eye-catching textiles. Established a reputation for its floral furnishing fabrics as long ago as the 1930’s. Offering rich weaves and luxurious velvets. One of the most outstanding figures of the Arts and Crafts Movement. Fusions of delicious colours, innovative textures and catwalk inspired design. Lively, fashionable and accessible. Fall in love with fabric Get ready to fall in love with fabrics that envelop your home in warmth, colour and the occasional splash of drama. Whether you need a pair of readymade curtains and a pole to fit yourself or a full house commission needing total project management Drew Decor Store has the expertise to not only meet but exceed customer expectations. We pride ourselves on being able to offer certain products that no one else may have in the surrounding area, from handmade tie backs and accessories, to personalised towels which are totally bespoke, made by an industry professional who has completed work for Royalty across the globe so the standard is always of the highest quality. Your interior your style When it comes to fabric, we believe it’s important to understand what our customers like so that we can carefully select the collections we think they will get excited about. We don’t believe in just solely following fashion & trends as we believe you should have your own unique style that will suit your taste to reflect your home and personality the best. We are aware that some people find it difficult to know what they like and how to put it all together. But with our help you will soon see all this come together and realise you do know your own unique style. Interior inspiration We do take inspiration from the latest trends and fashions and get excited by it all. We ensure we visit London a few times each year to the trade previews to make sure we’re up to date with the current collections and decide whether to bring them to our store. We can then take snippets of the latest trends and adapt them to suit our customers’ unique styles. You are able to select as many fabric samples as you like which we will send direct to your home address, and we always follow up with a phone call 7 days later to ensure you have received your samples and if you would like to place an order, or need further assistance.

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